Stop the Violence?

I want to share this revised Facebook post I made yesterday as the beginning of a series of blog articles that will explore racially charged crimes such as the Trayvon Martin tragedy and the epidemic that has become “black-on-black” crime. I’m going to discuss these topics from a variety of angles and hope to generate some feedback.

Here’s the Facebook post from yesterday:



*DISCLAIMER – The posting of this video on my page is NOT a sign of my support for this kind of “music,” language, etc. I’m only including it to make a point:

The video of this concert featuring  a rapper named, Tyga happened earlier this week in my hometown of Omaha, NE.

Here is a link that describes the aftermath: Tyga News Report

In a city that ranks third in the U.S. in violent crimes per capita, and in a city that features multiple violent (predominantly) black-on-black TEEN crimes that kill and incarcerate Omaha’s Black youth and young adult population every year, I was completely APPALLED to learn that this concert was supposedly one that was promoted for ALL AGES.

ALL AGES, REALLY? I really hope this isn’t true. I hope there is a typo or a misunderstanding on the flyer. But at the LEAST, I hope the people who promoted this concert aren’t the same ones who claim they’re so “outraged” every time a young Black man gets eliminated on the Omaha streets due to gun violence.

What a GREAT message you’re sending club promoters: On one hand, it’s “Stop the Violence. Enough Is Enough.” On the other hand it’s, “Welp, we’re going to do this concert with this rap “artist” who uses highly explicit language in his lyrics, talking about things that promote the kind of violence we say we hate, but BRING YOUR KIDS!” Are you KIDDING me?

When our community gets serious about stopping violence, giving our kids a hope for a brighter future and a better tomorrow, reducing teenage pregnancies, eliminating STD’s, saying “NO” to drugs, or whatever other “at-risk” cliche we throw around when we pretend to be concerned about the plight of our people…when we really get SERIOUS about changing the perception AND the REALITY of our inner cities, then we will see the mental and spiritual pollution that occurs when promoting this kind of foolishness, and we will also see some of this so-called music for what it is to our young people — POISON.

I’m not one of those who is about blaming the entire rap/hip hop genre for the ills of our community. But I’ve seen enough to know that it is a contributing factor. And any time a parent, a club/party promoter or an entertainer thinks that it’s okay to FREELY expose our young children to this kind of garbage, it shows me that despite what we SAY about violence and our kids futures, we’re really not ready to do what it takes to change our communities for the better.

Don’t tell me how outraged we are about white on black crimes like the Trayvon Martin tragedy when we aren’t equally, or MORE outraged when this kind of foolishness happens in our own backyards with our own people.

Give me your opinion. How much impact do certain styles and genres of music have on the crimes many inner cities and urban areas are plagued with?



~ by gabrielcstovall on March 21, 2012.

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